BW Cyber Services

NFA and FINRA Registrants must comply with critical cybersecurity regulatory requirements or face regulatory or possibly even civil penalties. Moreover, in a complex world where criminals and nation states continue to search for weaknesses and prey upon the financial industry, BW Cyber Services provides turn-key cyber audit and cyber regulatory compliance services to help mitigate
your risks of attack and address your compliance needs.Our approach to this demanding new world: “Complexity Simplified”.

Regulatory Complexity

  • NFA/FINRA guidance
  • Overview of cyber security landscape
  • NIST framework and supporting IT controls
  • Risk analysis and prioritization of threats
  • Cyber security training
  • Third-party risk assessment
  • Incident management playbook

BW Simplicity

  • Perform cyber audit of your “As-Is” IT environment based on industry standard controls
  • Identify and prioritize threats to your organization
  • Teach your team how to identify and address critical third-party risks
  • Provide follow-on support to further remediate cyber risks