Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new book on investments written by an author with a proven record of trading experience. He shares some of his techniques in his latest book.

LAS VEGAS – The world of investments can be hard to navigate, but a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing helps make the process a bit easier. Author John Netto, also known as “the Protean Trader,” shares tools and techniques he has used and created to solve the largest problems faced by traders, investors and financial advisors.

“The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk” draws on a stable of experienced market practitioners as contributing authors to help explain its message: William Glenn, Joe DiNapoli, Cameron Crise, Denise Shull, Jason Roney, Robert Savage, Raoul Pal, Darrell Martin, Fotis Papatheofanous, Patrick Hemminger, Steve Hotovec, Jessica Hoversen, Todd Gordon, Timothy Jacobson and Neil Azous. Traders, investors and financial advisors can learn from the experts to maximize investments and gain a better understanding of the world of options, securities and futures.

Readers will learn how they can potentially maximize their returns even as the book shatters six longheld myths about investing and the problems they can cause: emotions are the enemy, today’s markets have fewer opportunities, diversification is the only strategy required, more risk equals more return, money always fits its most efficient home, and compensation should be based on returns. Informative full-color graphics and charts provide compelling visuals for this valuable resource.

As Alpha Architect CEO Wesley R. Gray writes in the book’s forward, “‘The Global Macro Edge’ embraces the journey John took as he explored the principles of education, adaptability, and discipline in the context of his trading career. John’s biggest contribution is to put a spotlight on the need to focus on maximizing our return per unit-of-risk we assume. While this sounds trivial, this simplifying focus is empowering, in a world dominated by complexity.”

Netto, a Marine veteran who served mainly in Japan, has said a portion of proceeds from the book will be given to charities that train and place service dogs with military veterans.

The author, named by as Strategy Developer of the Month, created the Netto Number, the Risk Factor Compensation System, and the Protean Strategy. The cross-asset class trader has conducted live trading webinars and appeared on CNBC’s “Fast Money,” “Closing Bell” and “Squawk on the Street” programs, as well as on PBS, Fox Business Channel and Bloomberg. Netto is fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. He also wrote the book “One Shot – One Kill Trading.”

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The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk
John Netto
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3476-8 592 pages $149.00 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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