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Exhibition stand builder and contractor to design, build and manage your exhibitions Europe wide. Delivery of excellent results to incomparable workmanship and innovation, we have endless design options and the modern machinery to create custom exhibition stands with elements that will be shaped to create any conceivable booth structure.

Our technicians of qualified professionals is committed to innovate and produce high efficient exhibition stand concepts, realizing any complex stand structure, ensuring that each stand we create is a true reflection of your branding requirements and special needs. From concept to the final assembly, we manage every factor of the booth fabrication process with high consideration to any detail, guaranteeing a smooth and great experience for all exhibitions all over Europe.

With in-house production and machinery cutting-edge technology to stay in front of the latest trends and techniques in custom exhibition stand build you can find the ideal solutions for Europe wide trade shows.

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We engage into clients projects aiming to represent their brand individuality. Our award-winning designers know how to create a perfect space for your presentation. We stand for durable materials, qualitative work and innovative manufacturing technologies. Enjoy our unique architectural solutions and stand build up.


A well planned exhibition environment helps you achive the best trade show results. It’s beneficial to have a well designed interior for showcasing your products or services.


Alongside with integrated building innovations in production with the implementation of advanced technologies, the ultimate result is a high end booth with positive business environment

Build up

With 20 years building exhibition stands, fully commited on exhibitor's requirements and targets you will find a number of carpenters and builders to deliver the best results for your stand.


Working On
Exclusive Projects

With in-house production and machinery cutting-edge technology to stay in front of the latest trends and techniques in custom exhibition stand build you can find the ideal solutions for Europe wide trade shows.

We offer exhibition stand design & custom stand build alternatives for international businesses planning to present in Europe.

Participating in exhibitions in Europe from Germany to France, Italy or Netherlands you can expect from the preliminary design request, that we are accomplishing your ideas and creating, transporting, building and assembling your stand on the fairground. We create exhibition projects using optimal management and logistics. Excellent design development are assisted by our technicians that can build any custom exhibition booth by forming materials like wood, glass, plexiglass, metals, to realize any custom stand or your specific idea.

From generating 3D exhibition booth designs, executing graphics printing, interior decoration as furniture, front desks, VIP areas, service bars, we create all possible settings.

We provide multimedia, hanging banners, a large variety of floorings, 3D backlight logos and light systems for best exhibition presentations



All our team collaborates with our clients, across all of our offices, which are located throughout Europe. Our mission is to implement the outstanding stand ideas and solutions for any project we’re working on. During that process we carefully combine client’s guidelines, technical possibilities, as well as the environmental issues. Engineering and interior design solutions that we deliver are usually born after a collaborative process.


Every demand for a custom exhibition stand is unique, the importance of customizing exhibitors requirements, implementing specific needs and desires, understanding the concept required, will lead to a customized plan that align you goals. Superior construction quality and professional craftsmanship are provided which makes our stands look perfect with fine finishing.

We follow local building codes and regulations making sure your project complies with all exhibition organizers requirements.
Choosing the best exhibition stand building construction service is essential for transforming your construction requirements into a functional project with modern design and leading image. Construction services insuring a similes and efficient construction result. Contracting a construction team of high skilled professionals, you can rest assured that your exhibition plans will be brought to life with excellence and precision.

Our Stands

Covering all your demands for custom exhibition booth construction and services we provide turnkey exhibition stand rentals in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne in all key European exhibition centers ensuring a smooth and successful exhibiting environment.
Our building facilities across Europe and representations in the major exhibition centers, will cover all your demands and needs.

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