Any successful football coach knows that to win a game, he has to go in with an artful, nuanced and flexible game plan to beat the other team. The same goes for any business, especially an emerging manager, who has to stand out in a crowded arena of talent to not only garner allocations, but keep their name in front of the audience they are targeting.

This lively compendium is that game plan: a road map for any manager starting out or those needing to understand the art of marketing yourself, your business, and your intellectual property. Expert marketers, allocators, trade professionals and media pros who have been in the managed money business for decades provide insights on marketing and branding, raising assets, leveraging social media, and the importance of networking. All these articles can help any manager grow his or her business, after all, having a CTA is more than just trading.



The CTA Expo team, Bucky Isaacson and Frank Pusateri, have been in every aspect of this business and have seen the best, and worst, have selected what they believe to be educational insights for CTAs to better their brand, raise AUM and improve their business overall. The first section of the booklet provides articles on getting started and how to market and appropriately brand your business. The next section focuses on best practices for raising assets. Our third section provides insights for today’s trader on how to leverage social media. The fourth section provides pieces on how best to network and get the most out of attending conferences and meeting with allocators. Finally, links to the Wells Fargo Prime Capital Services Marketing Manager Tool Kit for money managers and the CME’s managed futures research and library are provided.